So the box for the 460 Slim is smaller than the RX 480 from XFX that I took a look at earlier this week, but it does still have a similar style. The box is all black with the red Radeon stripe around it with the branding on it. There isn’t a picture of the card on the box and that’s a little disappointing because the card looks good, but I understand that this is most likely a lower production unit and they have to keep the box simple enough to work with all of their smaller cards. The branding on the front and side are on a red sticker, so they can change it up easily. It has a few SMD features across the bottom and also mentioned the display connection options. The back of the box only has two information boxes and they are also stickers. They touch on the load sensing fan and the fan size but this would be a great place to mention the single slot form factor and maybe have a photo on the sticker. Beyond that, there is a standard feature list down below with all of the RX 400 series features.

image 5

image 4

Inside the box is a cardboard tray. The tray has a cardboard filler, in the end, to help keep the short card in place. Then the card comes in a bubble wrap static protective bag. Also inside you get a warranty card with support information on it and a paper telling you that you should get the latest driver if you have internet. They do also include a driver DVD as well but like they mentioned, drivers change so often that it is best to just download it directly from AMD.

image 3

image 1

image 2

When you get the card out, the shroud has a plastic cover over the entire thing. There is also a red sticker that goes over the fan to make sure you see that the fan does turn off under low load.

image 9



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