Compute Benchmarks

As always I also ran the RX 480 G1 Gaming through our Compute benchmarks while I was doing my testing. This testing includes single and double precision tests in Folding at Home and a few tests in CompubenchCL. My first tests were Folding at Home and not to sound like a broken record but the results were once again similar to previous tests. The single precision result had the G1 Gaming slightly ahead of the reference 480 and the Sapphire father ahead. The GTX 1060 was ahead of all three. The double precision test, however, shows Nvidia's lack of fp64 cores and all of the AMD cards jump ahead of everything except the GTX 1080 and the overclocked GTX 1070.



My second set of tests were in CompubenchCL. Here I focused on the video composition and bitcoin results as they are both likely uses for GPUs outside of gaming. In the Video Composition results the G1 Gaming floundered a little, having a result that was quick but noticeably lower than our other RX 480 results. The same can be said for the Bitcoin Mining results. I suspect this was related to the newer driver I used when testing this card, the results were consistent even when testing additional times.




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