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Before I jump into testing I did want to take a look at both of the cards MSI and Nvidia provided. This has the potential to get a little confusing though because both cards look exactly the same. So let’s start with the GTX 1050.

Fans of small form factor cards are going to love that the GTX 1050 comes in a short length with no obnoxiously tall cooler making the card taller. The PCB is an ITX form factor and the cooler has just a single fan with a basic fan shroud keeping the air pointing the right direction. The card is black with white trim. The white has a bit of glitter in it giving it almost a silver look in some of our lighting.

1050 4

The cooler is a little old school with it being an old forged aluminum design that sits on the GPU but has big gaps around the rest of the card as you can see in the side profile shots below. This type of cooler is less efficient but given the low TDP of 75 watts I don’t think it will be an issue. The card does have an open design around the edges meaning what heat it does generate will all vent into your case, but I don’t think maybe cases are going to have any issues with that in this case.

1050 5

1050 6

1050 7

The rear PCI slot has the MSI logo cut into it in the middle of the cooling vents. Beyond that, you get individual DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort connections. Without any being doubled up it's clear they aren’t expecting this to be used by power users who sometimes run dual monitor setups, but the capability is still there as long as your monitors have two different connection options.

1050 8

The back of the card gives us a look at the black painted PCB. We can also see that the cooler is attached using four screws around the GPU and nothing else. The back of the card also has a small sticker to show the model name and the serial number. Thank god for that or I might have mixed the two cards up in testing. Interesting to note though is that MSI has a 6 pin power connection spot on the PCB, they just aren’t using it.

1050 9

Okay here is the GTX 1050 Ti and like I said before, it is exactly the same on the outside as the GTX 1050. We have the same single fan design with the black and white color scheme.

1050ti 6

It also has the same forged aluminum cooler that cools just the GPU and not any of the additional vram that the TI gets you. The one thing that did stand out to me here though is from the side profile I can see that both the GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti shipped with two NAND chips for the Vram, but a closer look shows that they are two different manufacturers and most likely not the same card being limited by firmware like AMD did with early 4 and 8 GB versions of the RX 480.

1050ti 8

1050ti 9

1050ti 10

Nothing is different here as well. Same MSI logo and HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI display connections available.

1050ti 5

The back of the Ti has the same black painted PCB and even has the same unused 6-pin power connection up in the top left corner. All that is different here is the model name and memory capacity on the sticker.

1050ti 7

See, I told you they were the same. I could have saved a little time and combined the two above sections really lol. That said, we can see even better that they are twins when I get them sitting with each other like in the photos below.

1050 10

1050 11

1050 12


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Today I check out the newly launched GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti from Nvidia

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