Typically with a launch, we don’t get any packaging with the cards, but for the GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti Nvidia didn’t make any reference cards, so they worked with MSI to send two cards. They, of course, come in packaging so it's only fair that I take a quick look. Starting with the GTX 1050, the packaging is a little different from what I normally see from MSI, this is because the card isn’t from the higher end Gaming X line with its red and black theme. This box has a black jet on the cover on a white sky with its afterburners running. In the bottom right corner, we have the normal black and green wraparound with the basic card branding from Nvidia. Up in the top left is a small MSI logo and then in the bottom left we can see this is an OC card and it comes with 2 GB of vRAM. The back of the box is simple as well. They touch on the Solid CAPs used on the card as well as MSIs Afterburner software (notice they referenced this with the picture on the box as well). There is a short feature list and even a small specification listing that avoids details like clock speeds so they can use it with multiple cards if needed.

1050 1

1050 2

Inside the GTX 1050 is wrapped up in a static protective bag and then sits in a foam bed. The card is a lot shorter than most cards so the foam fills in that extra space as well. The card doesn’t come with any special accessories other than the thank you card that MSI includes with all of their products.

1050 3

The GTX 1050 Ti has the exact same packaging as the GTX 1050 only this time around on the front it says Ti and down in the bottom left corner we can see that this card has 4GB of vRAM. The back of the box is the same as well, covering the Solid CAPs and MSI Afterburner. Really the only thing different back here is the use of GTX 1050 Ti and the memory capacity in the specification listing.

1050ti 1

1050ti 2

Inside the card once again comes in a static protective bag and in a thick foam tray to keep it free of damage in shipping. This one came with the same thank you card as well as a quick users guide and a driver/software disc. I’m fairly sure the GTX 1050 should have had them as well but pre-release samples sometimes come missing small details like that.

1050ti 3

1050ti 4


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Today I check out the newly launched GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti from Nvidia

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