Compute benchmarks

While it isn’t as flashy as the rest of the testing, I always run all of our cards through a few Compute benchmarks. To start off that testing I ran Folding at Home in both single precision and double precision. In the single precision benchmark, the 480 Nitro outperforms the reference design by a huge margin pushing it up close to the GTX 980 in performance. The GTX 1060 is still however about 11 points away still with its high clock speeds. In the double precision benchmark, however, the Async performance of the RX 480 dominates and with the Nitro coming in considerably higher than the reference RX 480 it puts it just below the GTX 1080 in this chart.



For my next tests, I test using CompuBenchCL, focusing on the Video Composition benchmark and the Bitcoin test. These give us a nice mix of tests and touch on video editing performance and bitcoin performance, both being popular non-gaming uses for a video card. In the Video Composition benchmark, the 480 Nitro wasn’t very far ahead of the RX 480 Reference but it did still trend up in the top half of the charts with its 115 FPS. In the Bitcoin benchmark however the higher clock speed of the 480 Nitro helped give is a nice 30 Mhash/second lead over the reference card. This is also well ahead of even the overclocked GTX 1060’s with the GTX 980 Ti and the GTX 1070 being the next closest cards.




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garfi3ld replied the topic: #38192 14 Sep 2016 16:35
Well, the plan was to post this up last week but this LAN thing ended up getting in the way. But check out the 480 Nitro from Sapphire

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