So, as usual, the packaging for the RX 480 Nitro is considerably smaller than what I normally see from other manufacturers. Sapphire has always done a good job of going with a smaller box that better fits the card. This saves a bunch when shipping, think about how many cards will fit on a pallet with a smaller box. The box itself has their nitro Robot in the background and then has the now standard red strip with the cards model and memory that wraps around to the side as well. I would always prefer to just see a photo of the card myself, but there is at least a small photo of the card on the back of the box. They also keep things simple here with a feature list and then an introduction to the Sapphire Nitro Gaming Series of cards.

image 1

image 2

When you open everything up, there is a thick cardboard box inside of the outer packaging. Inside of that box is the card, wrapped up in a bubble wrap static bag. For additional protection, it also sits in between eggshell foam pieces on the top and bottom. On top of the card, you also get your documentation. They include a quick install guide, a card with registration instructions, and a paper with Sapphire's manufacturing address. You also get a driver disc as well but I always suggest downloading the latest driver for the best performance.

image 3

image 4


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Well, the plan was to post this up last week but this LAN thing ended up getting in the way. But check out the 480 Nitro from Sapphire

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