The packaging for the RX 470 Nitro is a little different than the last few Sapphire cards that I have covered, but it is consistent with what I saw from the RX 480 cards. It is skinny and tall and has a black background. On the front, they have the Sapphire Nitro robot in the background. Up top is the Sapphire logo as well as the Nitro RX 470 OC branding. Then down closer to the bottom AMD cards now have a similar consistent design like Nvidia has been doing for years. It has the Radeon logo, the memory, and the RX 470 branding. The back of the packaging actually has a picture of the card on it though it is a lot smaller than I would like. Personally, I would prefer there just be a huge picture of the card on the front. They talk a little about the Nitro gaming series of cards and then list off some of the product features. Some of the features are the normal AMD card features like Crossfire and Eyefinity support but there are also a few Sapphire exclusives like the Nitro Glow RGB and the FanSafe tech.

image 1

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Inside of the box, there is a second box. In THAT box you will find foam padding up the top and the bottom. Then inside the card comes wrapped up in Sapphires static protective bag that also has padding built in. Then all of the included documentation sits on top. You get a driver disc, a quick installation guide, a paper with information on Sapphire, and a color page that explains how to register your card.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #38072 08 Aug 2016 06:53
Today I check out the Sapphire RX 470 4GB Nitro and see how it compares to the XFX 470 I tested last week

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