Compute Benchmarks

While compute performance isn’t particularly important to gaming, I do still like to take a look a few different factors, especially folding and mining performance. To do that I ran the XFX RX 470 through Folding at Home at both single and double precision. In single performance, the Nvidia cards pull ahead but the overclocked RX 470 comes within a few points of the reference RX 480 8GB card. The results of the double precision benchmark are a lot different. Nvidia cards don’t handle the double precision very well so the RX 470 actually outperforms the GTX 980 Ti in this test, and by a large margin. It comes in below the GTX 1070’s but at a much lower price.



Next, I ran the 470 through CompubenchCL, focusing on the Video Composition and BitCoin Mining results. In the Video Composition test the RX 470 falls about where you would expect it to be when you consider most of the 3DMark and In-Game benchmarks previously. The Bitcoin benchmark is similar as well with the GTX 980 and GTX 1060 being the next closest cards. The gap between the 470 and 480 here is a lot more realistic.




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garfi3ld replied the topic: #38065 04 Aug 2016 13:00
Today AMD announces the new RX 470, check it out!

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