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As always, synthetic benchmarks are great, but we all buy video cards to game not to benchmark. So I ran the XFX RX 470 RS Black Edition through 25 different in-game tests. This included 11 games at 2 different resolutions and in a few games I also take a look at both DX 11 and DX 12 performance (don’t worry more are coming soon). The problem is, with so many results it can be a little too much to take in. To help with that I have condensed our results into two graphs, one for 1080p and the other for 1440p. All of our games are run at their max settings and we use the average FPS as the end result. The graphs below are broken down into three FPS ranges to represent unplayable (below 30), playable but not ideal (30 to 60), and ideal (over 60 FPS). So what did I find from those results? Well, AMD promotes the RX 470 as a 1080p card and at 1080p I found all but one test to be playable with a majority being well above the playable mark. As always Ashes of the Singularity was the holdout causing the most issue, but every card struggles with that one. Just for fun we also have 1440p results and but big surprise here isn’t the three games that the card won’t push at that resolution. It’s the two games that come in over 60 and the other 8 that are also playable. So at 1440p the RX 470 might not be the ideal card, but if you end up in that situation you can still play most games until you pick up a second card.



Of course, we still have all of the individual results for everyone to look through. A few interesting things I saw from the results. Sleeping dogs game in at below 60 FPS but only by .4 FPS, I would consider that still more than playable. The other surprise is just how close the RX 470 performs in nearly every game. I seriously question if a reference clocked RX 480 4GB would be able to outperform the overclocked RX 470.















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Today AMD announces the new RX 470, check it out!

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