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So this isn’t big breaking news to most of you, but now that we have finally tested the GTX 1080 Founders Edition I can finally say without a doubt that it is a beast. Typically, when we see next generation cards being introduced, they are a gradual improvement over the previous generation. Nvidia dropped the number of CUDA cores but cranked up the clock speeds to a blistering fast 1607/1733MHz and it paid off in our testing. What really impressed me though was the low power usage, our new test bench combined with the GTX 1080 pulled less wattage than our old test bench and the GTX 950 (36 watts to be exact). A lot of that was the test bench, but the GTX 1080 did run 50 watts less than the GTX 980 Ti that it stomped in just about every test. I was a little disappointed that the GTX 1080 only supports dual SLI, though I do think it’s going to rare to find situations where you can really take advantage of more than two cards anyhow. A single GTX 1080 is a 4k or ultra wide resolution card at its core.

So should you run out and pick up a GTX 1080? Yes and No. For starters, you are only going to really be able to take advantage of the card if you are running a higher resolution or a multi-monitor setup. So if you are planning on picking up the GTX 1080 to play your games at 1080p you could save yourself money and still see great performance. The other thing you need to take into account is what you are going to end up paying for the card. Currently, supply low and the pricing has been a little messed up. The Founders Edition that I’m covering here today should be priced $699 and the MSRP for the aftermarket cards $599. There were obviously people upset that Nvidia is charging more for what is basically a reference card. I will say though that while aftermarket coolers can cool better, the Founders Edition does have a full metal design that has to cost more to make than a plastic fan shroud. I also think that given the performance the GTX 1080 is worth the $699, it destroyed the Titan X that was selling for $999 earlier this year.


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Today I take a late look at the new GTX 1080

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