The GTX 950 that Nvidia sent over wasn’t a reference card, they went right with an overclocked Asus card, specifically the GTX 950 Strix. Because of that we get a chance to take a quick look at the packaging before digging into the card. The front of the box has a much more defined robotic owl in the background than in the past. The cover has the standard Nvidia naming on the bottom right and then the Asus and Strix logos are up above. They slipped in a comment about the cooler performing 20% cooler and silent gaming. There are also a few features listed below the Nvidia section noting that the card works with Windows 10 and supports G-Sync for example. The back of the box has a lot more going on. Here Asus has split up a few of the cards key features and highlighted them with a photo and a short explanation of what they are all about. They highlight the DirectCU II cooler, 0dB Fan, super allow power II, and even their GPU Tweak software. Down on the bottom we actually see a photo of the card as well as a line drawing of the display connection options. There is a small specification list as well but there isn’t anything useful in it like the card dimensions for example.

image 1

image 2

Inside the box the card is wrapped in a static protective bag and it sits in a formed cardboard section. Up under the card you get a driver/software disk a “Speed Setup” guide, and a multi-color Strix logo sticker. They didn’t include any power adapter cables, something I normally expect to see with a card like this to help people who don’t have a 6-pin power connection.

image 3

image 4


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Today I check out Nvidia's new GTX 950

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