Cooling, Noise, and Power

So the last set of our testing is for the most part more specific to the cooling configuration that Sapphire has put together for the Nitro R7 370 than anything else. Here I test the cooling and noise performance of the card. I also take a look at the power usage as well to get a better idea of what you should expect during normal usage. To start things off I ran the Nitro R7 370 through both Heaven Benchmark 4.0 and Valley 1.0. I have been testing using the Valley benchmark recently as we will eventually be moving over to it and because it is a little more demanding some cards pull a little more power with it. So the Nitro R7 370 pulled 323 watts at peak in Heaven and 326 in Valley. This puts it down in the bottom portion of the charts with cards like the older HD 7790 and the GTX 650 Ti and GTX 750 Ti pulling less. That said it is very close to the GTX 960, a card that is in a higher performance class.



For noise testing I test the card at 100% fan speed, 50% fan speed, and at idle. This way we get an idea of the overall noise profile. The Nitro R7 370 fell in the middle of the pack for the 100% test with results a little higher than I would have expected. This is of course only if you turn the fans completely up and in all of my testing they never came close to that without manual intervention. The 50% results are a better representation of what to expect and there it was quieter, but still in the middle of the pack. At idle the card does shut down its two fans so the result was a 0 there.


The last test was to see what the card would run at temperature wise when gaming. Here we saw the Nitro 370 stay right at 70 degrees through all of our testing. This is middle of the pack as well, but about where most cards fall because generally they are programed to aim for this temperature to keep the noise as low as possible unless it is needed to keep the temperatures in check.



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I hope everyone is doing well, today I take a look at the Nitro R7 370. Enjoy!

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