In-Game Benchmarks

After getting through the synthetic benchmarks I then jumped into testing the Nitro R7 370 in our in game benchmark suite. Here we get to actually see how the card performs in the one thing you actually use it for, gaming! For testing I stuck with our normal tests, this consists of nine different games tested at their highest settings. Eight of those game are benchmarked twice, both at 1440p and 1080p. To help see how the performance falls I like to break the results down into three categories, under 30FPS, over 30FPS, and over 60FPS. This way we can see how many games aren’t playable at their highest settings (under 30FPS), playable but not perfect (over 30FPS), and ideal performance (over 60FPS). At 1080p the Nitro R7 370 seemed at home with just one result under 30 FPS, 5 over 30FPS and two over 60 FPS. What that tells us is that the Nitro R7 370 can play nearly anything at 1080p but if you want to run with the settings turned completely up you will get playable but not perfect performance. Turning off the AA that a lot of our benchmarks run with would help with the performance considerably and not hurt the graphics too much. Now the with the 1440p testing I wasn’t expecting anything from the R7 370 , and people looking for a budget card aren’t normally running high resolutions so it doesn’t matter much. That said out of the 9 games tested I was surprised to see that four were still playable even at that resolution, the other five weren’t of course, but I was still surprised.











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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36974 19 Aug 2015 21:34
I hope everyone is doing well, today I take a look at the Nitro R7 370. Enjoy!

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