The box for the 370 Nitro is noticeably smaller than a lot of the larger cards. Unlike the front is orientated with the taller side going vertical so the cover design is a little different. The cover has a photo of a robot on a black background. Beyond that up in the top left corner you have the actual model name. The Nitro branding is a little larger and just below it. Down along the bottom are a few icons that show a few features and the 4GB memory capacity. They also tossed a sticker on the front to show that this is an overclocked model as well. Along the side I was surprised to see that they did slip in a specification listing. It is a little general and you don’t get things like the clock speed and the cards exact size, but it is better than nothing. On the back of the packaging they have a breakdown of the Nitro’s cooling design as well as a small photo of the card itself. Personally I would prefer to have a large photo of the card on the cover in place of the robot, but if I’m shopping in a retail store I’m mostly looking at the card size, card performance, and styling and they really don’t cover any of that on the packaging.

image 1

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Inside the box is a second and thicker box. In there the card is wrapped up in a bubble wrapped static protective bag. In addition to that there is foam on the top and bottom. On top of the card they did slip in the documentation and driver disc. In addition down under everything they slipped in a DVI to VGA adapter. I was a little surprised this card didn’t have the almost standard free HDMI cable that nearly every other Sapphire card comes with, but being a budget minded card I’m sure they wanted to keep costs down.

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I hope everyone is doing well, today I take a look at the Nitro R7 370. Enjoy!

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