Compute Benchmarks

Next I ran through our compute benchmarks including a newly added Cinebench R15 benchmark. To start things off I tested the XFX 390 using the Folding at Home benchmark to get an idea of how well it would handle both single and double precision work. With the single precision setting the XFX 390 came in just above the Sapphire 390 but in the middle of the charts compared to cards like the Titan X and the GTX 980/980 Ti. With double precision turned on though we really see it step up, well actually we see Nvidia step down. Over the past few years Nvidia has been gimping the double precision of their consumer cards to define the difference between the consumer cards and their workstation product line. This let the R9 390 pull up above much more expensive cards. My last benchmark doesn’t have a lot to compare to just yet but we are nor using Cinebench R15’s OpenGL benchmark to test how well cards can render. The extra 5MHz on the XFX made for a little over three additional FPS over the Sapphire.





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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36898 30 Jul 2015 17:49
Today I check out the R9 390 DD Core Edition from XFX, check it out

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