In-Game Benchmarks

After doing the Synthetic benchmarks I ran the R9 380 Gaming 2G through our in game test suite. Here we can actually see what kind of performance you can expect in a variety of games. In all but Shadow of Mordor we test at both 1080p and 1440p, nearly every game is tested with the settings turned all the way up including AA and we graph the average FPS meaning you will see peaks and drops higher and lower. So when testing at 1080p out of the eight games tested only three had a result over 60 FPS, the other five were above 30. This means that three of the games would play at their highest settings without any changes and the other five would need to have things turned down slightly to run at those same settings. To be fair hitman came in with a 59.3 average FPS and Thief wasn’t too far off as well, both of those would most likely not need any adjustments as well. None of the games came in below 30 FPS though, 30 FPS is the line normally where we would consider a game unplayable.

For 1440p testing I ran through the same games with the settings still turned up only this time at the higher resolution. This time around the 380 struggle. Of the nine games tested three came in above 60 FPS, three were above 30 FPS but below 60 FPS, and three came in below 30 FPS. Considering that some of the games weren’t even playable I was still impressed that a few came in above 60 FPS. That said it is clear that this card isn’t really the ideal card for gaming at a higher resolution like this unless you plan on turning the details down. 











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