I couldn’t just let the Titan X come through the office without seeing just how well it overclocks right? So to do that I split up the overclocking between the GPU overclock and the memory overclock, overclocking then testing each overclock using 3DMark Vantage, documenting each step along the way. Then once I figured out the peak overclocks individually I put them together to see if the card can handle them together. SO.. How did the Titan X do? Well for GPU clock speeds I started at the 1076MHz stock speed and bumped it up to 1400MHz before it failed. In the end I was able to edge the Titan X up to 1340MHz. For the memory I started at the stock clock of 7010MHz and maxed out at 8200MHz without any artifacts, at 8300MHz the Titan X could complete the test but had a few artifacts. After that I ran both overclocks together without any issues. So with our overclock how did that affect performance? Well we started at 103.80 and with the overclock got an FPS of 118.16.

GPU Clock Speed Overclocking
GPU Clock Speed Pass/Fail FPS Result Notes
1076MHz Pass 103.80 Stock Clock
1200MHz Pass 112.51  
1300MHz Pass 116.54  
1400MHz Fail N/A Driver Crash
1350MHz Fail N/A Driver Crash
1320MHz Pass 117.36  
1330MHz Pass 117.70  
1340MHz Pass 117.82  
Memory Clock Offset Overclocking
Memory Clock Speed Pass/Fail FPS Result Notes
7010MHz Pass 103.80 Stock Clock
7500MHz Pass 104.40  
7800MHz Pass 105.62  
8000MHz Pass 105.40  
8100MHz Pass 105.08  
8200MHz Pass 105.11  
8300MHz Fail 104.90 Artifacts
GPU and Memory Overclocks Together
GPU Clock Speed Memory Clock Speed FPS Result Notes
1340MHz 8200MHz 118.16  


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36664 20 May 2015 19:54
Hey everyone, I'm back from vacation and I just so happened to of had the Titan X come in right before I left. So when I got back I jumped right into testing on the card. Enjoy!
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Myndmelt replied the topic: #36669 22 May 2015 14:45

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