Synthetic Benchmarks

For our synthetic benchmark testing I still run the cards through all three 3DMark benchmarks to test resolutions up to 4k. This time around I have cleaned things up a little by putting all of the results into one chart rather than three charts. In addition we still test using the Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 but I have added in the newer and more demanding Valley benchmark to potentially move to that in the future.

Anyhow enough about all of that, how did the Titan X perform? Well in 3DMark I saw a major jump in performance, even compared to the overclocked GTX 980 Strix with the performance benchmark result being 17,054 for the Titan X and 13,593 for the Strix. This put the Titan X cleanly at the top of the charts. The Extreme and Ultra results were similar, both pulling ahead of the GTX 980’s by a large margin. In Heaven Benchmark 4.0 the Titan X was actually second on our charts with a pair of GTX 780’s edging it out by half a frame per second, that says a lot about the cards performance there in my opinion. The GTX 780’s are still extremely fast and the Titan X was on par with two of them in SLI. The Valley Benchmark 1.0 results were similar although we obviously will need to see more cards tested in the future. With nearly 23 more FPS than the GTX 980 it did still dominate though.





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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36664 20 May 2015 19:54
Hey everyone, I'm back from vacation and I just so happened to of had the Titan X come in right before I left. So when I got back I jumped right into testing on the card. Enjoy!
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Myndmelt replied the topic: #36669 22 May 2015 14:45

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