In- Game Benchmarks

So synthetic benchmarks are cool, but In-Game is what really matters right? Because of that I ran the Gigabyte GTX 960 through our In-Game benchmark suite of 9 different games at both 1080p and also 1440p. To get an overall idea of how the card performed I like to step back and track how many of the games it has an average FPS of over 60, over 30, and under 30. I do this for both resolutions as well. This is important because from past experience anything over 60 FPS is perfectly smooth, over 30 is playable, and under 30 isn’t what most would consider playable. So, at 1080p four of the nine games tested had an average FPS of over 30 and the other five came in over 60. This means that at 1080p the Gigabyte GTX 960 can play anything and in over half of those situations it played them perfectly. At 1440p things were a little rougher. Four of the nine came in over 60, two were over 30, and the last three were unplayable. What that tells us is that the Gigabyte GTX 960 is great for 1080p gaming but struggles at higher resolutions. This isn’t a surprise to anyone who has seen how our other two GTX 960’s performed though. Speaking of, how did the Gigabyte perform compared to the others? Well in most situations it came in just slightly ahead with the Asus pulling ahead in a few results as well.















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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36321 25 Feb 2015 22:13
Hey everyone, while I did get sick this weekend at Gamers for Giving. I didn't let that hold me back when getting this review out today (although it is a little later in the day than normal). Enjoy!

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