The Gigabyte GTX 960 comes in a small box like most of the other GTX 960’s. The exterior of the box has the same black theme that we have seen on previous Gigabyte cards as well as the large blue eye on that takes up most of the front. Personally I would prefer to just have a picture of the card itself on the cover though. Also on the front is the Gigabyte branding as well as the standard Geforce GTX 960 logo that runs around to the side of the box as well. Really the only telling information on the front other than the model name is the note showing that this card is overclocked to 1279MHz. On the back of the box we do get into more information. Here Gigabyte has a broken down photo of the Windforce cooler along with photos of the heatpipes and how the fans work. They also include a smaller section on how you have multiple options when hooking up multiple monitors to the card.

image 1

image 2

Inside the card sits wrapped up in a static protective bag and is sitting in a formed foam tray to keep everything safe. For accessories Gigabyte kept things simple. You get a quick start guide and then two Molex to PCI power adapter cables. They don’t include a driver disc so you will for sure have to jump online to get the latest driver.

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Hey everyone, while I did get sick this weekend at Gamers for Giving. I didn't let that hold me back when getting this review out today (although it is a little later in the day than normal). Enjoy!

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