The reason most of you are even looking at a video card is because you plan on playing games with it. Because of that our in game testing is always the most important, this is how it will perform for you. To get an idea of the performance I ran the GTX 960 Gaming 2G through 9 games at both 1080p and also 1440p. The games are a mix of different types to hopefully cover something you play. Starting at 1080p the Gaming 2G had 4/9 games with an average FPS of over 60, what most consider to be the sweet spot. The other 5/9 all came in above 30FPS and below 60FPS. That means that every game I threw at it at the highest possible settings was able to be played but a little over half will need a few small tweaks to get the performance up into the sweet spot. At 1440p things were a little more grim. Three out of the nine came in above 60 FPS. Only two came in over 30 FPS and four of the games were basically unplayable with an average under 30 FPS. This is to be expected given the small memory controller that Nvidia went with. Frankly the card isn’t designed to play at 1440p, we are lucky to even have a few games that are playable at that resolution. At 1080p though this card right on the money though. You are getting good enough performance to play everything at that resolution and with a few small adjustments you can be playing the games that struggled at 60 FPS as well.















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Today I take a look at a GTX 960 from MSI and find out how it compares to the competition.

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