The packaging for the 960 Gaming 2G has the same MSI gaming theme that we typically see. The front is black with a silver dragon design across the front. It has the standard green strip that goes around to the side with the Geforce GTX 960 logo. Nvidia has all of their card manufactures do this for consistency. MSI still included their GTX 960 Gaming 2G branding as well on the cover. Down in the bottom left corner there is a badge for the new Twin Frozr V cooling, the 2G ram, PCI 3.0, and the OC logo. Around on the back there is a lot more going on. MSI included a small specification listing as well as a feature list. They also highlight their new Torx fan, SuperSU heatpipe, Zero Frozr fan control, and the gaming app. What I would like to see here that they didn’t include is a line drawing of the back of the card to show the connection options as well as the card dimensions somewhere. This isn’t a high end card that you will be worried about fitting in your PC, but some smaller builds will still need to know if this will fit in their PC before buying.

image 1

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Inside the card sits in a foam cutout inside of a tray. The top of the tray is covered up by a thin box that has all of the accessories in it. You get a quick user guide and a poster with information on other MSI gaming products for documentation. There is also a DVD with the software and driver on it. For accessories they include a DVI to VGA adapter and a small 6 pin to 8 pin adapter. The adapter is nice because it is all blacked out with a tiny bit of red cable showing as well matching the card. Speaking of the card, when you get it out there is also a sticker that covers one fan with information about the Zero Frozr design.

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Today I take a look at a GTX 960 from MSI and find out how it compares to the competition.

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