In-Game Benchmarks

So synthetic benchmarks are nice to compare from card to card but if you are like me you are looking at this card because you want to play games with it. 3DMark scores don’t really show how well a card will perform in game. So I ran the GTX 980 Strix through our in game benchmark suite that consists of 9 different games currently. All but one of those games were benchmarked at both 1440p and 1080p so we can see just how well the Strix will perform as you upgrade your monitor. So how well did the card perform? Well in most of our tests it was at the top by a large margin. There were a few games where the R9 290 still performed slightly better (games that tend to favor AMD) and a few where we had GTX 780 and GTX 770 SLI configurations ahead as well. There was also a single test that had the reference GTX 980 ahead as well, I can only assume that shows the variance that in game benchmarks can sometimes have. As a whole the GTX 980 Strix dominated 1080p testing with 9/9 benchmarks having at least 60FPS with most up in the mid 100’s and the highest being 171 FPS in Sniper Elite 3. In 1440p testing things were a little lower with 5/8 being over 30 FPS but less than 60 FPS. Most of those were up very close to 60 FPS with numbers like 57. The other 3/8 performed over 60 FPS as well showing that even at 1440p with the settings turned completely up the GTX 980 Strix can still power through.















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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36240 06 Feb 2015 17:29
Happy Friday everyone. Today I take a look at the GTX 980 Strix from Asus. I've really liked the silent running mode on previous Strix models, will the 980 perform as well?

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