The packaging for the GTX 980 Strix is similar to the GTX 960 Strix that I just covered but the vox for the 980 is a lot larger. The cover has the same mechanical looking owl in the background. Asus kept the branding simple with small Asus and Strix logos up in the top left corner. The bottom right corner has the standard Nvidia branding that shows the model name and runs around to the side of the box as well. Asus did include a drawing of the DiretCU II cooling on the cover. Then down along the bottom there are badges showing that this is an overclocked card, has 4GBs of ram, DIGI+ power, and that this is a 0dB card. Onn the back of the packaging there is a photo of the card itself along with the same cooling photo from the front. Here they write a little sections about the cooling, DIGI+ VRM, and the included GPU Tweak software. You get a full specification listing as well as a line drawing of the rear connections to help you make sure the GTX 980 Strix is going to fit in your build and hook up to your monitors without extra trips to the store.

image 1

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Inside there is a second box, this time around it It just has a gold embossed Asus logo on the top. Inside when you open things up there is yet another box, this time for accessories. Under that box there is a foam tray with a cutout that fits the GTX 980 Strix perfectly. To keep it safe the card is also wrapped up in a static protective bag. The back of the card also came covered in a

image 3

image 4

image 5

For documentation you get a small user guide as well as the driver/software disc. You get a power adapter cable as well. They also include a small bag with a few small metal plates inside. This is unique to some of the Strix cards, Asus gives you the option to trim the card out in black or red trim to help match your build.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36240 06 Feb 2015 17:29
Happy Friday everyone. Today I take a look at the GTX 980 Strix from Asus. I've really liked the silent running mode on previous Strix models, will the 980 perform as well?

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