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At first glance the R7 250E Core Edition looks a lot like other XFX cards. Being a Core Edition it only has a single fan, but this is something they do with a lot of their cards. What sets this card apart from the rest is its single slot design though. We still get an all metal fan shroud design with the black stripe down the center. The metal fan shroud always gives XFX cards a quality feeling in hand, something that most other cards don’t have, especially at a budget price point.

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It really isn’t until you look at the R7 250E Core Edition from the top angle that you really notice that it is a single slot card. XFX did a great job of sticking with their typical style, from the other angles it could be a normal XFX card. If you look close you can see a slight gap between the PCB and the fan shroud, this combined with the vent on the end of the card (right side in this photo) are where the hot air will vent from. This means this design does vent fully inside of your case, almost all modern cases are built to handle this but it is something to keep in mind when selecting your components.

What you won’t see in the photo below though is a Crossfire bridge or a power connection. The R7 250E Core Edition pulls all of its power directly off of the PCI slot and this card does not support multiple card configurations. Given its place in the market this isn’t a big loss at all.

image 10

I love that XFX went with a black PCB on the R7 250E Core Edition. In most cases all you can see is the top edge of the card and the PCB, black PCBs look great is nearly every situation.

image 7

Being  single slot card there is a limited amount of room on the PCI slot. XFX skipped on cooling vents to give three different video connection options. You get a DVI, full sized HDMI, and a full sized DisplayPort. This is a great variety that should hook up to nearly any modern monitor. As always I would personally prefer to see two DVI connections, but given the limited space I think this was the best configuration.

image 11


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While most of you are building higher end PCs, sometimes you just need a basic card that keeps the budget small. Todays card when combined with the rebate and free game is a steal, check it out

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