The packaging for the R7 250E Core Edition has the same styling that I have seen for the past few generations. The best way to describe it is there are pieces of metal with a bright glowing light behind them. This is fitting due to XFXs use of full metal fan shrouds for the past two generations. On the front they put the R7 250 branding right up front, you have to look a little lower into the details to find that this is the core edition. I would love if this was even more descriptive to show that this is a single slot card, but without changing up the packaging design a lot to include a photo of the card I don’t think they could do that.

image 1

Around back things are very simple, you get a feature list listed in six different languages. No photos, specifications, or anything else you might look for when shopping in person for a new video card.

image 2

Inside the card is wrapped up in a static protect bag that also is made of bubble wrap. Because the card is a single card slot wide XFX had to double wrap the card to keep it from bouncing around in the box.

image 3

image 5

For documentation you get an installation guide. XFX also includes a warranty paper along with information on other XFX products like their power supplies. They also include a driver disc as well although I would always recommend getting the latest driver online if you can.

image 4


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35759 13 Oct 2014 15:36
While most of you are building higher end PCs, sometimes you just need a basic card that keeps the budget small. Todays card when combined with the rebate and free game is a steal, check it out

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