Overall and Final Verdict

So is the Striker special enough to justify its name? Well Asus really stepped up and put together a nice package. The cooler on the GTX 760 Striker is drastically different from standard Asus cards with its extremely large heatpipe, unique fan, and the tall design that helps fit a larger heatsink. To top it all off the fan shroud is a nice upgrade from past ROG cards while still keeping the styling that makes ROG so popular.

The cards performance was great in all of our tests but I would love to see Asus bump up the clock speed slightly to push the Strikers performance up over the Hawk. Beyond that, the only other downside was the amount of power the Striker pulled when under load, the upgraded power circuitry pushed the Striker up near the power draw of the GTX 780. For software, Asus bundled their GPU Tweaker software to make it easy to bump up the clock speed yourself. They have also been working on their own streaming software for people who want to stream on twitch while playing on their new card. I was able to use GPU Tweaker to push the Striker’s limits a little but I still wasn’t able to really push it as far as I know it’s capable of.  

As for price, the Striker actually comes in at a fairly good deal when compared to other GTX 760’s. When you are looking at 4GB cards with an overclock the Striker is priced the same as the comparable cards from EVGA and MSI. The only problem is when you look at the other cards near it in performance and price range. The GTX 770 gives you a noticeable bump in performance for around $20 more and on the AMD side of things you can pick up an R9 280X for a little less and it is going to outperform this card as well. At that point, you are paying a price premium for both this being a good card design with components that should hold up well over time and you are also paying for Nvidia’s premium software. Is it worth it? It will really depend on where your priority’s are. Personally, I really love what Nvidia is doing right now with their software, but the price difference between this and the comparable 270X would make it a hard for me to throw down the extra money. This isn’t Asus’s fault of course, this is just where the market is at right now. That said, this is one of the coolest GTX 760's out there!


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35076 23 Jun 2014 20:49
Hey everyone, hope you had a good weekend. Today I have a review of the GTX 760 Striker from Asus. Enjoy!

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