The exterior of the packaging for the Striker doesn’t look any different than the rest of the ROG video cards. It has the same red and black theme that all ROG products have. The front basically has the product name and then the GPU model on it. The front does open up though with Velcro to hold it closed the rest of the time. Inside the door I expected a window like a few of the manufactures have gone with. Asus opted to not go with a window but to pack in information about what makes the striker special. I will get into this a little more later but basically they have things broken down in sections with a photo or graph to go with the small info text. The back of the box is very similar to what was inside of the front cover, there is a large breakdown image of the Striker, the specifications, and an image that shows all of the video connections on the back of the card.

image 1

image 2

image 3

image 4

Once you take the outside off there is actually another box inside. Inside you will find yet another box filled with all of the Strikers accessories. When you pull that out and pull out the protective foam padding the GTX 760 Striker is hanging out in its cut out foam housing that keeps it safe when shipping. To give you an example of how well protective todays video cards are, generally when I get the cards shipped in from the manufactures they come in a box that perfectly fits around the packaging with no packing materials.  

image 5

image 6

Inside of the accessories box you get a small user manual and the driver/software disc. Asus also included a power adapter cable and an extra-long SLI bridge. The SLI bridge is especially interesting because it is blacked out with the ROG logo on it. It a small detail but I love when manufactures black out the SLI and Crossfire bridges, there isn’t anything worse than having a nasty copper bridge with the rest of your build all matching.

image 7


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Hey everyone, hope you had a good weekend. Today I have a review of the GTX 760 Striker from Asus. Enjoy!

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