Synthetic Benchmarks

Regulars to the site will notice that there are a few fewer tests in our synthetic benchmark suite. I cleaned out a few of our older tests now that we have been using the latest version of 3DMark Fire Strike for some time now. This should make it a little easier for you to check out the results without losing any unique information. So how did the Dual-X R9 280 OC perform? As expected, when compared to other AMD cards the 280 fell right in between the R9 270X and R9 280X. The 280 performance came a little close to the 270X than the 280X when it was all said and done but it still did well against its competition from Nvidia. Our fastest GTX 760 still came in slightly below in both regular and extreme benchmarks. In Unreal Heaven Benchmark 4.0 the GTX 760 did pull ahead slightly though with only the reference 760 below the overclocked 280.





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