For this generation of cards Sapphire changed their packaging design to a more flashy design with colors that match the cooler design. Therefore, the orange boxes are for cards with the orange heatsinks like the Tri-X and the Toxic cards. The purple box that the Dual-X comes in is a little different, because the Dual-X is different from the Tri-X cards. Even so, the overall layout of the packaging is similar with the product name up in the top right corner, the sapphire logo on the left, and a a few features highlighted with icons along the bottom.

image 1

The back of the box continues the purple theme. Half of the back of the packaging has a marketing explanation of the Dual-X R9 280 while on the right side there are more icons highlighting features, this time those icons also have explanations next to them to give you a little more information.

image 2

Inside the box is a second box, on the outside of the box Sapphire has included a sticker with your model information and serial number. Inside the Dual-X R9 280 is wrapped up in a static protective bag that is made out of padded bubble wrap. The card sits in a tray to keep it from moving around. All of the accessories and papers can be found in yet another box down under everything. Here you will find a software/driver disc, information on registering your card, and a quick installation guide for documentation. For accessories, you get two Molex to six pin adapters for anyone who doesn’t have the power connections for the 280. You also get a standard crossfire bridge and Sapphire went out of the way to include an HDMI cable as well.

image 3

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