Cooling, Noise, and Power

Nvidia designed the GTX 750 Ti and Maxwell as a whole to be very power efficient, so going into our power and cooling testing I am extremely interested to see how it compares to previous cards. To put things to the test I ran the 750 Ti through Heaven Benchmark 4.0 to test its peak power usage in game. As you can see below, with a peak power usage of 262 watts the GTX 750 Ti was the second lowest power usage in our charts. Maxwell is obviously a lot more power efficient.


Our noise testing put the GTX 750 Ti down near the bottom of our charts once again with a 100% load result that was only a few decibels off from the idle noise result. The 50% fan speed results show this even more with it being only .4 decibels off from the idle noise level.



I ran the GTX 750 Ti through the Unreal Benchmark 4.0 on loop to heat things up. The peak temperature of the 750 Ti was down near the bottom of our charts once again, this time tied with a few other cards at 59 degrees. Even with its small heatsink Nvidia still managed to keep things cool. I suspect that this should mean a lot of overclock room, especially on cards with aftermarket coolers like the DirectCU cooling from Asus or Twin Frozr from MSI.



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garfi3ld replied the topic: #34111 18 Feb 2014 14:46
Today Nvidia launched their GTX 750 Ti and their GTX 750. This is the first of their Maxwell based cards. You guys should take a peak and see what its all about to see what to expect for their upcoming cards.
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SpeedBump replied the topic: #34118 19 Feb 2014 05:21
Nice card and good review. I had a couple GT240s when they were one of the fastest cards that didnt need the extra power. They were very useful cards and I see this one in my future. ATM, I don't see any "stockers" listed for actual sale. Found a good many here and there, but they all have 6pin requirements. I think that is kinda defeating the purpose here. I personally don't see a need for this card if it is going to require additional power. Just my take.

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