The last few cards I have had in the office from Sapphire have been their high end Tri-X and Toxic cards so when the R7 260X came in, not only was the box a little smaller than what I am used too but the styling is also a little different. They went with a red trim this time around rather than the orange of the other cards and on the front there is some kind of alien monster. Although the artwork is great, I would love to see manufactures start putting photos of the video cards themselves on the cover of the boxes. They all do it so Sapphire isn’t to blame at all, but I think the cards would get my attention more. With that said you have a few icons along the bottom edge with features and up in the top right corner you have the model number. On the back of the box Sapphire has written up a little more information about some of the features shown on the front of the box, none of them are specific to the 260X itself but more general features available on AMD cards.

image 1

image 2

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Inside the box the 260X is wrapped up in a padded static protective bag and placed in a recycled paper tray. Sapphire includes a crossfire bridge, a DVI to VGA adapter, and a Molex to 6-pin adapter that should help you get the 260X hooked up if you don’t have the connections available on your power supply. You also get a software/drive disc that includes their TRIXX utility and a quick install guide. They also slipped in a small Sapphire case badge for you to show off on your case if you are into them.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #34069 14 Feb 2014 16:32
Before we get into the weekend, I thought it would be a great chance to check out a budget friendly card from our friends over at Sapphire. If you don't save up enough for a small card for your PC builds, this could be your next video card!

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