The R9 290’s box is similar to XFXs previous boxes and completely different than every other video card manufactures. XFXs box design is thinner than the others, this saves space but the tradeoff is a little less padding than some other cards. The box cover has a few key features along the bottom including a note about the cards unlocked voltage, double dissipation cooling, and the power tune 2.0 software. Around on the back there is a longer feature list, but these features are features to all R9 290’s, not specific to XFXs design.

image 1

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Inside the first box you will find another box, this one has the XFX logo embossed on the top. Inside the R9 290 DD Edition is wrapped in a static protective bag and sitting in a cardboard tray. As I mentioned before, the smaller box design is nice in some ways, but there is obviously very little padding. Other manufactures can send their cards in boxes without any additional padding where I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that with this packaging. Sitting in a tray above the card are all of the documentation including warranty information and a paper with information on XFX power supplies and adapters. You also get a driver disc although I would still recommend getting the newest driver from AMD. The only accessories that come with the card are a Molex to 6-pin adapter and a two six pin to 8-pin adapter. I love that both adapters are all black in design though, this should go perfectly with the card should you need to use them.

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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #33974 07 Feb 2014 16:23
I hope everyone is ready for the weekend because it is nearly here. Today I take a look at the R9 290 from XFX. We know that the 290's can perform, but how will the XFX compare to the competition.
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Wooderson replied the topic: #33987 08 Feb 2014 00:06
That is a super clean looking card, but boy it runs hot.

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