Cooling, Noise, and Power

Although there might be more to the GTX 760 Hawk than just what you can see on the outside, I can’t help and think back to the amazing performance we have previously seen from the other TwinFrozr cards in the past, because of that I was excited to see how it performed compared to the other GTX 760’s that I have tested in the past. To start things off I went with the temperature testing while running Heaven Benchmark 4.0. The GTX 760 Hawk came in within a degree of the EVGA offering while the Gigabyte triple fan design did out-perform it. The reference card on the other hand was 12 degrees hotter meaning the TwinFrozr cooling did its job outperformed the stock design. Of course with a considerably higher overclock over the other 760’s the Hawk’s performance is even more impressive.


As you will see right away the MSI GTX 760 Hawk is down near the bottom in both of our tests. I especially like the 100% load noise levels the Hawk is actually within 4 decibels of the idle noise levels on a few other cards and a well below what the Gigabyte Windforce GTX 760 did.



With a unique PCB design and two additional PWM I was curious if it would make a big difference in power usage. I found the idle results to be spot on with the other GTX 760’s but under load the MSI GTX 760 Hawk did pull another 8 watts over what we saw with the Gigabyte card and 25 watts over the reference design! That puts it up within 11 watts of the GTX 770 cards even. I hope the overclocking and performance is worth the additional draw.



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Today I take a look at something special from MSI, check out the GTX 760 Hawk!

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