A few of the manufactures have gone above and beyond over the past few years to provide software to help your experience with your new card. MSI is one of those manufactures. Much like Asus, their software is designed to work with both their AMD and Nvidia offerings. This makes life easier for someone like me who is constantly swapping out cards and it also helps to only have one file to pick from over one for each.

MSI’s software is called Afterburner and I have been using it off and on since its introduction. The base functionality hasn’t changed much. Just like the other companies offerings you can adjust your power and temperature limits, toy with your memory and core clocks, and even adjust the fan speed. Where MSI has managed to stand out in my opinion is with the built in screen shot and video recording functions. As someone who uses fraps a lot for this same reason, it’s nice to have a free option that does the same thing. It’s especially cool because I would already want to run afterburner anyhow to keep an eye on my video card.

Another option that MSI offers is a voltage slider. EVGA for example hides there’s and hardly gives you any adjustability. If you change your config file in afterburner you can go nuts with toying with your voltage (up to +12 that is). Of course you want to keep in mind that you can damage your card by doing this.

software 1

software 2

software 3

software 4


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Today I take a look at something special from MSI, check out the GTX 760 Hawk!

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