Although the GTX 760 Hawk uses the same overall layout that we have seen on other MSI video cards, there is a clear difference with the cover having a full picture of a F17 fighter plane all the way across it. You can see the OC certified logo in the top right corner as well as the GTX 760 branding on the bottom right corner. Under the Hawk name you can see how much memory you are getting as well as PCI Express 3.0 and DirectX 11. All of the important information is there while still keeping it all clean. I can’t help but think in a retail setting that a photo of the great looking card itself would really get people’s attention though. The front of the box does open up to have more details information on the cards cooler, overclocking features, and military class 4 components.

image 1

image 6

Because of the information inside the front cover, the back gets right to the point with a feature list, minimum specifications, and a full specifications listing. It’s great to see that they can put the specifications on the box rather than keeping things ambiguous like other manufactures do to be able to use the packaging on multiple models.

image 7

Inside the packaging you will find a box sitting on top with all of your accessories and then under it the GTX 760 Hawk is wrapped up in a static protective bag and places in foam to keep it from moving around. Inside the accessories box you will find a quick start guide and a driver disk, a DVI to VGA adapter, three voltage reading headers, and two six to 8 pin adapters. I like the red and black theme that they went with, this is much better than the mixed colors that you would normally see on adapters like this.

image 8

image 9

image 10

image 11


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Today I take a look at something special from MSI, check out the GTX 760 Hawk!

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