Synthetic Benchmarks

Our first synthetic benchmark is 3DMark using the performance and extreme settings. It’s really amazing to see that the GTX 770 up almost spot on with the performance of the two GTX 650 Ti’s in SLI. As far as the GTX 680 and R7970, they came in below the GTX 770 by a respectable amount in both the performance and extreme benchmarks.



In the latest 3DMark Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme benchmarks the GTX 770 came in slightly above the R7970 and noticeably higher than the GTX 680.



When it comes to our Unreal Heaven Benchmark 4.0 the GTX 770 came in slightly above the similar GTX 680 and well above the R7970 but still well below the GTX 780. That GK110 GPU in the GTX 780 helped it pull ahead considerably, not to mention the extra memory bandwidth.



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One of two reviews that we published today, check out Nvidia's new GTX 770

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