The R7790’s packaging has the same theme as all of the previous XFX cards we have seen. Across the fron you have a large XFX logo grabbing your attention. Personally I think a picture of one of their Black Edition cards would really catch your eye here, but it does lock the packaging down to just a few models. The box itself is the smaller design that we saw last time from XFX, their box for the R7770 used to be large just like the R7970. They still take advantage of the box and cover the rest of the front with a few details on the card as well as details on what makes this a Black Edition card. Up on the top of the card you will also spot our LanOC awards right up top pointing out that the 7000 series cards have received awards from us previously. Around back there is more information on the R7790. Most of the information is the same information that we have seen on previous cards but I did spot a section called Power Tune 2. This talks about the new 8 power states and how AMD handles the PowerTune on the new 7790 cards.

image 2

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Inside we have the card wrapped up in a static protective bag and tucked into cardboard for protection. Along with the video card we had a whole stack of paperwork from XFX. You get quick installation guides, information on XFX power supplies, information on adapters, a warning letting you know you can only hook up a DVI to VGA adapter on one port, and a drive disc. Like other XFX cards this also came with a Do Not Disturb door hanger that has your cards serial number on the back along with the contact info for customer support should you have any trouble in the future. It’s a small touch but I love it every time, it’s much better that having to dig the card out of your computer to get the serial number. You also get XFX’s crazy black edition case badge that is both metal and black plastic.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #30405 18 Apr 2013 17:45
Our first look at the HD 7790, we didn't get a card until late but expect a flood of coverage over the next week from us.

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