The Gigabyte HD 7790 comes in a black and purple packaging with a very interesting/creepy eye on the cover. The cover is simple beyond that with just the basics showing, you have the model name, the Triangle Cool with a small photo of the card, the memory size (1GB), and a note showing that this is an overclocked card. Around on the back there is a short list of features listed multiple times in multiple languages as well as a drawing of the Triangle Cool Fan showing how the cards cooling works.

image 1

image 2

Inside your card is wrapped up in a static protective bag and then held in place with foam all around it. Our quick start guide and driver disc were sitting on top of the card when I opened everything up. There was also a Molex to 6 pin power adapter tucked away in the box as well.

image 3

image 4

image 5


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We take a look at a second HD 7790, this time from Gigabyte!

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