Synthetic Benchmarks

With our new Fire Strike benchmarks especially, I was very interested to see the SLI results. In the Fire Strike benchmark we saw an increase of 81% over a single card. Even more impressive was the increase we saw with 3DMark 11’s under the performance section. We went from a score of 5328 to 10517, an increase of 97%! It’s clear that Nvidia has a little more tuning to do with their SLI profile on the latest 3DMark but with last year’s 3DMark 11 is clearly tuned perfectly.  Our Unreal Heaven Benchmark 4.0 results are right up there as well with SLI pulling 50.3 FPS vs 27.3 FPS.







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garfi3ld replied the topic: #30360 12 Apr 2013 18:26
Today we take a look at GTX 650 Ti Boost SLI performance

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