The packaging for the MSI GTX 650 Ti Boost Twin Frozr 2Gb OC Edition is considerably different from what we have seen in the past from MSI and is also a hint at what we should be expecting from them in the future. Dragons were the theme when it came to their gaming notebooks at CES this year, the dragon on the front of the box for this card won’t be the last dragon we see from MSI in the component market I’m sure. Not only did they have the large dragon across the front but there is also the same dragon in their Gaming Series logo as well. I am curious is all video cards will have Gaming Series badges in the future as they are almost all for gaming, or will that logo be specific to Twin Frozr cards?

image 4

Around back they have done a great job showing off key features of the card with a full feature list that is specific to this card as well as two boxes featuring their afterburner software and the cards solid caps. This is a great example of what to actually put on the back of a box, most companies fill this area up with unneeded information but I feel like everything here helps me understand why I should get this over the card next to it.

image 5

Inside the card itself is up top and under a clear plastic panel. Our packaging didn’t have a window in it but they do have everything setup to be able to do that. The card is wrapped up in foam as well as wrapped in a static protective bag. Also in the box is a small “Quick User Guide” and the drive disc as well. You also get a DVI to VGA adapter and a Molex to 6 pin cable for those who don’t have enough connections to hook everything up.

image 6

image 7

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Our second GTX 650 Ti Boost review, can you guess what I will be posting up tomorrow?

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