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We are going to try something a little different this time around in our game performance section. Here is a breakdown of what games we tested that the GTX 650 Ti will play at their highest settings. We have broken this list down by Smooth, Playable, and Rough. Each giving you an idea of what you can expect from the GTX 650 TI at 1080p while playing these games at their highest settings. A few of our tests are made to bring even the fastest cards to their knees, but will most likely still be playable with the settings turned down slightly.

Smooth 60 FPS or more

Batman Arkhan Asylum

Dirt 3

Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition

Playable 30 FPS or more

Battlefield 3

Crysis 2 DX9

Cryssis 2 DX 11

Dirt Showdown

F1 2011

Total War: Shogun 2

Sniper V2 Elite

Unreal Heaven Benchmark V3.0

Rough Under 30 FPS

Metro 2033 DX 10

Metro 2033 DX 11

As you can see, almost every game we tested falls in the playable or higher category. Dirt 3, Batman, and Street Fighter all will give perfect gameplay even at their highest settings. But most of today’s games are going to come in under 60 FPS but over 30 FPS, meaning some people won’t be bothered by it, but others will find the game slightly choppy. 

wm batman

wm bf3

wm crysis2dx9

wm crysis2dx11

wm dirt3

wm dirtshowdown

wm f12011

wm metro2033dx10

wm metro2033dx11

wm shogun2

wm sniperv2

wm streetfighter

wm unrealheaven

In all but Sniper v2 Elite, the HD 7770’s came in behind the GTX 650 Ti. Generally the difference was a few FPS, but in games like Street Fighter where you are dealing with higher FPS in the first place, we saw a difference of around 15 FPS. 


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