Cooling and Noise

With a TDP of only 110 Watts, the GTX 650 Ti puts out considerably less heat than the GTX 660 and above. Of course because of that Nvidia went with a much smaller heatsink. When we put the card through its paces in Furmark I wasn’t sure what to expect. As a whole, the Kepler reference cards that we have tested have been on the warm side, the lower TDP of the GTX 650 Ti will help it though.

Surprisingly the GTX 650 Ti came in at 64 degrees, nearly dead center between the five HD 7770’s that we have tested. I wouldn’t consider it cool by any means, but being right in line with its direct competition is a good sign.

wm furmark

As far as noise, the smaller fan of the GTX 650 Ti’s heatsink was a little noisier than previous reference cards, even at idle temperatures. But remember this is on our open test bench. In an enclosed case the idle sound levels wouldn’t be noticeable at all. Under load the noise picked up slightly to a light hum, on par with what you would expect from a GPU. Because the card doesn’t vent outside of the case I would actually expect the noise level in an enclosed case to be a little less than normal GPU sound levels. 


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Nvidia's latest offering, isn't it so cute?

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