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Because we didn’t get a GTX 650 in to cover, when the GTX 650 Ti came in I was extremely impressed by its size. I mean we saw the small PCB sizes on the GTX 660, GTX 660 Ti, and GTX 670. But when you get an even shorter version in your hands without a large fan shroud and heatsink, it sinks in. It even passed the “cute” test: when the card came in, my wife saw it and had to come over and comment on how cute it was. This was a first for a video card. Let’s hope of course that it’s a little more than “cute” when we benchmark it.

image 2

image 1

The fan shroud on the GTX 650 Ti is just over 4 ¼ inches wide and reminds me of the old days before dual slot coolers became the norm. When you look from the top or bottom of the card you can see the heatsink as well. It’s very similar in design to an Intel stock heatsink.

image 3

image 4

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Being a single slot cooler, you have two DVI ports along with a mini-HDMI port. I’m never a fan of the mini HDMI ports, but as you can see there is no way for a full sized port to fit. Nvidia also told us that the card is fully capable of having a fourth port if any of the manufactures go with a dual slot design. It should also be pointed out here, that if you look close you can see that the heatsink is taller than the single slot. This means you will still need to leave the slot below the GTX 650 Ti open, even though it’s officially only a single slot design.  

image 6

The GTX 650 and GTX 660 all require just the single six pin power connection. The GTX 650 Ti is no different, with its 6 pin connection facing toward the back of the case. Obviously with this short of a card you aren’t going to have to worry about clearance issues.

image 7

Nvidia went with the black PCB on the reference card. This is a nice touch. Back here you can see that the GTX 650 Ti is very similar to the GTX 650, as expected when the main difference between the two cards is the GPU itself, not in the PCB. Also important to note in this picture, the card has no SLI bridge connection at all. This was very disappointing considering the HD 7770 does have a crossfire bridge

image 8

I love the small touch Nvidia put here. The GeForce Logo facing out toward the side panel window on cases that have them.

image 9


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Nvidia's latest offering, isn't it so cute?

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