The packaging for the HD 7870 FLeX Edition isn’t really much different than what you would see Sapphire’s other models in. The only thing that separates it is the flex edition sticker up in the top right corner.

image 2

image 3

Inside the card is wrapped up in the padded static free bags that Sapphire always uses. The card is sitting in a formed cardboard tray to keep it from moving around.

image 4

image 7

Under that tray there is another box with the cards accessories and documentation. The card does come with a driver disc but I would still recommend that you download the most recent drivers from AMD. For documentation you get a registration card as well as an installation guide. For accessories you get two molex to six pin adapters, a crossfire bridge, DVI to VGA adapter, HDMI to DVI adapter, and an HDMI cable. The HDMI to DVI adapter gives you a total of three DVI connections for those looking to run Eyefinity with monitors that don’t support HDMI. The HDMI cable being included is great to see as well, always adding to the cards value.

image 5

image 6


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Sapphires newest FLeX card

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