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If it wasn’t for the R7750 logo on the top of this card it would be really easy to think this was the R7770. In fact in some ways it is. Unlike the reference HD 7750 this card is longer and is on the same PCB that the HD 7770 uses. To go along with that the card has a 6 pin power connection where the reference HD 7750 doesn’t have one. All of this is to give the R7750 more power to be able to overclock making this a potential hidden gem. You are paying the price of the HD 7750 but you are getting more than what the competition is putting with their HD 7750’s.

image 1

image 8

Just like the R7770 that we looked at before, this card has XFX’s Double Dissipation cooling. That means you have an all-aluminum fan shroud around two cooling fans.

image 9

As mentioned before, here is the 6 pin power connector.

image 10

XFX went all out with a full black PCB on this card. Combined with the all-aluminum fan shroud and red trip this is a very stylish card!

image 11

Unlike the reference design you get two DVI ports on the R7750 as well as a full sized HDMI and full sized Displayport connection. It’s a nice touch that the XFX logo is cut out of the cooling vents as well.

image 12


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #25217 19 May 2012 01:30
Another good looking card from XFX

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