All of the XFX cards we have looked at to date have had the same packaging. For the first time the packaging has changed around slightly, specifically the size of the box this time around is considerably smaller. The designs drawn on the box are the same as before though, meaning it still looks like what you would expect from an XFX video card. Along the bottom they have placed a sticker with all of the cards details and model information, in this case this is where we would see that along with being a double dissipation model this is also a black edition overclocked version.

image 2

Around back XFX has broken down some of the cards details, mostly details specific to the ADM 7000 series as a whole as well as the double dissipation cooling. Up top we can also see a couple of the LanOC awards along with awards from a few other review websites.

image 3

image 4

Inside the install guide, driver CD, and information on other XFX products are all sitting inside the box when you open it. They also included the do not disturb door hanger with your cards serial number on it for easy tech support that we always love. Under everything the card is wrapped up in a static protectant bag along with plastic protective coatings on the cards heatsink to prevent any scratches or finger prints before it gets to you.

image 5

image 6

image 7


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Another good looking card from XFX

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