In Game Performance

In our in game testing we are using in game benchmarks and fraps in different games to give you an idea how each card will perform in each game. Starting with the popular Battlefield 3 we saw numbers only 4 FPS less than the more expensive GTX 680, along with that we had an FPS that is well above what would be considered playable. In fact anything over than 60 FPS is perfectly smooth.

wm bf3


Our Crysis 2 results were very similar with the only exception being in our DX11 Ultra Textures testing the R7950 from XFX outperformed the GTX 670 slightly, this has everything to do with the additional memory 3Gb vs 2Gb.

wm crysis2dx9

wm crysis2dx11


Dirt 3, a game that tends to favor AMD cards put the GTX 670 in just below the overclocked 7950 and 7970 from XFX but only slightly.

wm dirt3


Metro 2033 testing put the GTX 670 in just behind the GTX 680 with only a few FPS between the two.

wm metrodx10

wm metrodx11


Shogun 2 put the GTX 670 just above the stock HD 7970 but behind the R7950 and R7970 from XFX with their overclocks. Even with the overclock the difference between the GTX 670 and the R7950 was only slight.

wm shogun2

Along with our normal benchmarks we have added three new benchmarks that you can expect to see more of in the future. Obviously they aren’t any good for comparing the GTX 670 to any other cards but it’s good to know that you can expect amazing performance on all three with the GTX 670 as seen below. Be sure to check out the Our Testing Procedures page to see how we got these numbers, this way you can run the same tests at the same settings to see where your current setup stands.

wm batman

wm f12011

wm streetfighter


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #25059 10 May 2012 17:00
For those who can't afford the GTX 680 but want nearly the same performance, the GTX 670!

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