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Once again we are back to comparing the amount of performance we get to the price of the R7850 and its competition. Why is that? Well at the end of the day the R7850’s performance put you at playable levels in every current game, only needing to even worry about settings on just a few games to get more than 60 FPS. So what does XFX’s overclocked overcooled R7850 cost? It comes in with a MSRP of $279.99 putting it under even the discounted HD 6970’s that it out performs and WELL below the GTX 580 that it’s not far behind. So did the R7850 maintain the nice price to performance ratio that we loved? Without a doubt it it maintains that value, only giving a good value to people who are looking to spend less. At $279.99 it really is about as low as you can go without having to give up performance on today’s games at 1080p.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #24060 21 Mar 2012 18:58
XFX R7850 Black Edition Overclocked Double Dissipation for your pre LAN enjoyment
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Myndmelt replied the topic: #24061 21 Mar 2012 19:19
Whyz it alwayz gottda be da "black" edition?
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garfi3ld replied the topic: #24064 21 Mar 2012 19:43
No one wants to send out the reference designs because all of the company's sell them. XFX always sends out their best version to us.

But yeah, its funny when you look at the graphs with all of the Black Editions

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