Board Layout
Sapphire advertises the HD6670 as a silent operator, most easily achieved by excluding a fan of any kind, as we see here. Instead, this card features an open-air heatsink/heatpipe system, with attractive black fins, complete with an artistic Sapphire logo so that the 6670 isn't an eye-sore in windowed builds. This is very similar to past Sapphire Silent cards with the exception of the upgraded logo on its edge.




The shroudless design is paired with a dual-PCI slot, with an entire slot dedicated to ventilation. A vent is usually used with cards that include a shroud, to help get hot air that's trapped in between it and the card out. In this case, the ventilation is hoping to act as an exhaust from a tower's front in-take fan, which a passive card such as this is going to be banking on. Not to mention the heatsink prevent anything from being installed in the neighboring PCI slot, as doing so would create heat issues.


The other half of the PCI slot features full HDMI, DisplayPort, and DVI outputs. This means that the card could be potentially used for Eyefinity, with the Active Adapter DisplayPort.


On the bright side, this in addition to a fanless build means that no power from your PSU will be needed to run the 6670; simply plug it into the motherboard and you're ready to go.

The back of the board is nothing out of the ordinary, with a little bit of heatsink overhang at the top and a nice blue PCB clearly visible.


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